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We're a bookstore where you can smell not only the books, but the history within our walls. We opened our doors in the summer of 1977--at that time, we were named the Little Professor, co-owned by Addie Wright and Catherine Ferguson. We specialized in modern, new titles and were always looking for the latest read for our customers.


Fast foward thirty-odd years and a new name, you'll find our familiar store filled with the classics and newcomers, both in books and customers, as well as some canine faces. You'll often spot Isaac, our store dog, wandering after Frank (our owner) or sleeping on the job behind the counter. We remain in the Rose Street Shopping center steadfast, but flexible in a changing world, always there for our customers.

Speculation Books & Curios is a fake bookstore created for practcing web devolpment skills: please do not call or email if you are looking for an actual bookstore. Check google or the phonebook and support your local indepent bookstore. Staff Suggestions are taken and modify from goodreads and I do not own them: if one is yours and you do wish to have it up, please email me and I will be happy to take it down immediately

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